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Philanthropy campus group UCSB First Committee filled Storke Plaza with clouds of snow and blocks of ice yesterday afternoon, offering the campus a winter wonderland featuring an ice-eating contest and warm goodies like hot chocolate and s’mores.

UCSB First Committee, an organization started by the Alumni Association, hosted the event after reaching a goal in donations of $2,470 through the statewide Promise for Education campaign. The crowd-funding initiative features promises made by faculty, administrators and students who agree to perform a specified task if enough money is raised.

UCSB First Committee Co-president Jessica Fenton, third-year political science and communication double major, said the event had an unfortunate short ending after ice machines started having difficulties. Now, UCSB First plans to hold another ice event this January.

“Due to complications on behalf of the snow company we were unable to fill Storke with snow,” Fenton said. “We did have snow fallings and an ice-block palooza, in an effort to make the best of the situation.”

First-year biology major Sydney Lezberg and second-year undeclared major Max Schultz said while they hoped for more from the event, the snow still offered them a frosty good time.

“We grabbed ice boxes and pushed each other down a little slope,” Lezberg said. “Our butts got really wet, and they still kind of are.”

First-year pre-biology major Tina Nguyen also wanted to see a little more from the event, “I was expecting the whole Plaza to be filled with snow, so I was a little disappointed,” Nguyen said, while noting some other features still tickled her fancy.

“But the igloo was really cute.”



Photo by Sarah Kouklis / Daily Nexus

A version of this story appeared on page 4 of the Wednesday, November 20, 2013 issue of the Daily Nexus.