This Wednesday’s Associated Students Senate meeting focused on several upcoming projects, including a $7,000 projector to be installed near the dorms at San Miguel Stage, the Associated Students Annex in Isla Vista and the Community Financial Fund.

President of the Residence Hall Association Andrew Soriano came to Public Forum to propose setting up a drive-in style theater at the CHI-Five residence halls, similar to the drive-in theater in Goleta. Soriano said he plans to mount a giant projector screen right over San Miguel stage, which would cost around $7,000. According to Soriano, the project is relatively inexpensive and will pay for itself in less than three uses.

Even though a mural is slated to be painted on the wall where the projector screen will be mounted, Soriano explained the screen would not get in the way of students’ ability to enjoy the mural as it could be easily rolled up and stored. Soriano said the screen would be available for use for any student in the residence halls who can provide their own projector and extension cable.

“All the buildings have their own projector set and an extension cord,” Soriano said. “Bringing the projector just beyond the stage is good enough to have a reasonably sized image.”

Later in the meeting, Collegiate Senator for the College of Engineering Amir Khazaieli discussed the current status of the A.S. annex in I.V. and upcoming plans for its use. The ad hoc committee dedicated to the annex, of which Khazaieli is chair, has been overseeing the development of the space for the past three years. Although the funding for the annex comes from funds that are paid by all students, the annex will only be available to A.S. groups that make appointments beforehand.

Stakeholders — such as A.S. committees — and student fees currently cover the cost of leasing space.

“It’s easier to arrange through an A.S. group, but all students are allowed and encouraged to use the space as well,” Khazaieli said. “Student fees are already being used to pay the lease. Every student is technically a stakeholder in the space and we are really trying to respect that.”

Khazaieli said A.S. groups will hold a survey over the next two weeks to get a better idea of what the community wants from the space.

Additionally at the meeting, member of A.S. Community Financial Fund Jose Raygoza spoke about different grants and supplemental loans available to students. Last year, according to Raygoza, $82,330 was given out and divided into 227 grants. Raygoza said he has noticed a trend that indicates that grants are more in demand, meaning that it will become more difficult for students to receive any.

“Everyone has an equal chance to apply, but applicants are chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis,” Raygoza said.

Raygoza said CFF is looking into ways of finding more money for grants. Senators also discussed adding additional tables to the dining commons, the ongoing process of adding a Gender and Sexuality General Education requirement and logistics surrounding the hydration stations that will be set up during Halloween weekend.


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