Wednesday night’s Associated Students Senate meeting addressed a wide range of A.S. projects, including the logistics of Halloween preparation and new developments with U.C. President Janet Napolitano.

External Vice President of Local Affairs Alex Moore spoke about safety preparations for Isla Vista’s notoriously massive Halloween festivities. Moore reported the idea of temporary fencing he hoped to install along the cliffs of Del Playa Drive to prevent cliff fall injuries or deaths was shut down due to funding issues as well as liability concerns, from the University’s Office of Risk Management.

Moore said he was frustrated with the decision but is determined to continue working on the issue, as he remains confident in achieving future success.

“I’m going to be moving forward to negotiate with the county on some sort of framework or method, so that this doesn’t happen again [and] so that we can always have temporary fencing during high-risk events,” Moore said.

He also mentioned the Festival ordinance that will be in effect from this Saturday until Nov. 4, saying he and other groups are working to make students aware of the ordinance and other changes. “We’re doing everything we can to make sure folks don’t get an unnecessary ticket,” Moore said.

Additionally, Moore said hydration stations and portable bathrooms will be set up for each night of Halloween weekend.

During the meeting, executive officers and public forum speakers delivered reports on their recent accomplishments and upcoming activities.

Associated Students President Jonathan Abboud discussed his recent meeting with new U.C. President Napolitano in Oakland on Monday during his report, in which he expressed positive results that included promises from her to meet with the elected members of campus governments in person once a quarter and to speak to them on the phone once per month.

In addition, Abboud said he was pleased with their success in getting Napolitano to address the skyrocketing cost of tuition.

“She did well, in terms of answering what we wanted but we did corner her on a couple of things we wanted … like Prop 13,” Abboud said. “So we got her to admit that Prop 13 is one of the reasons tuition has gotten so high.”

Along with the passing of a few minor bills, the meeting tabled a bill sending directives to Napolitano. Towards the end of the meeting, Senators debated the bill, concluding they would clarify the language and demands of the drafted proposal and vote on it next week.

One section of the bill prohibits the use of U.C. funds to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). According to Senator Nikki Calderon, currently no U.C. funds go toward assisting ICE, but the bill ensures that these funds will not be used in the future. This section Calderon said, serves to secure that the funding “may not be happening, but it will not happen also.”

Other topics discussed at the meeting included a tree-planting event Saturday at Goleta Valley Beautiful, planned homeless assistance in I.V. provided by Pescadero Lofts and efforts to make the dining commons Kosher-friendly. For next week’s meeting, Senate members will come dressed in their Halloween costumes.


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