The Daily Nexus is ________  

Fill that blank with exactly what you believe; we are what you want us to be. It is as much your paper as it is ours. This publication exists to provide you all with the opportunity to voice your opinions without having to fear censorship or judgment. As members of the editorial staff here at the Daily Nexus, it is our job to ensure that everybody’s opinion is taken seriously and given the chance to be heard. For us to be able to fulfill our roles as editors, we need our fellow students’ help. It is near impossible for us to share the voices of those who remain silent. We need people of all backgrounds and beliefs to speak up — even about something little or seemingly insignificant — because that is how we ensure the Daily Nexus stays a paper that is run by the students, for the students.

Write us a letter. Don’t worry about sounding too silly, impassioned, angry, boring, etc. We welcome all submissions, eloquent or otherwise, equally. There is no wrong way to express your ideas. Give it a shot! Or better yet, come to an orientation and earn yourself a spot among an extensive staff of highly dedicated artists, photographers, writers, designers, reporters and editors who work everyday to make sure you get the highest quality paper that UCSB can offer.

Emile Nelson and Allyson Campion are Daily Nexus Opinion Co-Editors.

Views expressed on the Opinion page do not necessarily reflect those of the Daily Nexus. We welcome all submissions; please include name & major and keep columns under 550 words.
A version of this article appeared in the the Monday, September 30, 2013 print edition of the Nexus.
Opinion Editorial Process

What do they even do under there?                                                                          art by Mingchen Shen (Daily Nexus)