In this editor’s introduction, I’m supposed to give you guys facts about who I am and what activities I do that are supposed to define me. Instead of writing about that, I’m going to give a little pep talk to all the students at UCSB, and hopefully that will better reflect who I am and how I feel as I finish my final year in Santa Barbara.

For a good portion of students, today is the first day of school at a four-year university. Lucky for you guys, that university is UCSB, the most beautiful and fun place to go to college in the world. If you oppose that message, let me just say, you’re out of your mind. No other school features such a beautiful mix of weather, scenery and people as UCSB, and as you may have heard, Gauchos know how to party. These next few years of life at UCSB are going to seem like a dream at times.

Factor in that we are a top-level university considered a “public Ivy,” and there is no other university that helps develop well-balanced individuals that know how to work hard and play even harder.

I’m a senior and I’m tired of hearing freshmen say they are sad to be at UCSB because they didn’t get into a better school. Guess what, this is a blessing in disguise. If you haven’t enjoyed your time at UCSB, it is because you haven’t found the right group of people. Partying isn’t for everyone, but who needs partying when you have beautiful people, beaches and mountains surrounding you everywhere you look.

During my three years as a Gaucho thus far, I can say I have changed tremendously as a person. College is the time when you are supposed to have fun and make some mistakes, it is just a matter of keeping those mistakes to a minimum and making sure they never get in the way of your future endeavors.

Through experiences with the Nexus (which you should read everyday) and my business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi (which you should all rush this fall), I’ve learned hard work pays off in big ways. Join clubs, experience new things and enjoy the shit out of life in college.

Go to UCSB athletic events and cheer on the Gauchos because it is truly something special to call yourself one. And I better see all of you on Friday at Harder Stadium! The first soccer game of the year is always fun and whether you decide to go sober or drunk out of your mind, make sure you cheer for our team.

The Thunderdome can truly be thunderous when students pack the stands, but it is up to us as Gauchos to bring the party wherever we go. Hold that fun, yet driven atmosphere through all phases of life and never forget the way you felt as Gauchos during college.

And learn how to hate Cal Poly. We are superior in pretty much any way you can think of. Better looking students? Check. Better athletic teams and academics? Check. Better party scene and surrounding nature? Without a question.

All I can say entering my senior year is, enjoy your time in the most beautiful place to attend college because before you know it, it will be gone. Be proud to be a Gaucho. Enjoy this year and I’ll catch all you beautiful people on Del Playa.


Here’s to a rowdy year,




A version of this article appeared on page 9 of September 26, 2013’s print edition of The Daily Nexus.

Art by Mingchen Shen of the Daily Nexus.