Some brief I.V. culture/history

A lot of weird shit has happened in I.V.

One time we burned down a Bank of America.

The Bank of America was burned down during a riot in 1970 sparked by an incident of police violence and months of student unrest. Then-governor Ronald Reagan called in the National Guard in an attempt to control the situation. 22-year-old Kevin Moran was shot and killed by National Guard allegedly trying to defend the bank from violence.

Video Courtesy of Ted Coe/KCSB

Another time we threw this goalpost into the ocean.



Daily Nexus file photo

Soccer fans paraded the goal to the beach after the Gauchos won the 2006 Division 1 Championship.


In 2009, we stormed the beach with inflatables, 12,000 strong, and caused an increase in the ocean’s pH level with all of the urine. Santa Barbara County has blocked off beach access during the start of Spring Quarter ever since, dreading another destructive Floatopia celebration.

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We’ve also been fighting for our right to party ever since. Last year’s land-locked festivities, “Del-topia,” drew an estimated 15-18,000 partygoers.


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Every October, thousands flock here for a bacchanalian spectacle that has been called the “biggest college party in California,” a claim spuriously attributed to Playboy Magazine.

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I.V. used to be a counterculture hub in the 1960s and 1970s.





We had a strong tradition of political activism.

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We played an important role in the birth of the environmental movement after the Channel Oil Spill in 1969.



Meet the Nobels

UCSB is home to five Nobel Prize winning professors.


Fynn Kydland Economics 2004

Fynn Kydland
Economics 2004

David Gross Physics 2004

David Gross
Physics 2004

Herbert Kroemer Physics 2000

Herbert Kroemer
Physics 2000

Walter Kohn Chemistry 1998

Walter Kohn
Chemistry 1998

Alan Heeger  Chemistry 2000

Alan Heeger
Chemistry 2000



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