The Daily Nexus Editorial Staff unanimously selected self-proclaimed “booty poppin’ princess” Marissa Wenzke as Editor In Chief for the 2013-2014 school year in an officewide election last Wednesday.
Wenzke, a third-year political science major and former Nexus News Editor, ran against former Nexus staff writer Vincent Martellacci, a third-year communication and film & media studies major. Prior to the election, the UCSB Press Council held separate interviews with each candidate and then formally recommended Wenzke for the position.
Wenzke started working at the Nexus as a staff writer in winter quarter of her freshman year before advancing to the position of Assistant University Editor a quarter later and then News Editor the following year. Wenzke said the selection process induced a spiritual awakening in her life, unparalleled by anything she has ever experienced.
“I feel like my experience has culminated to a mountain of all that I’ve lived for until up until this moment,” Wenzke said, “I feel in a weird way like my existential crisis has been healed. I’ve found that something that I felt God gently pressing against my cheek as I waded through pink clouds of heavenly glory — the same clouds I sifted through in those never-ending dreams I now live through in each day.”
Previous EIC Patrick Kulp, who began working at the Nexus at the same time as Wenzke, said he has full confidence in Wenzke’s ability to take up the mantle.
“Marissa Wenzke is a force to be reckoned with,” Kulp said. “She will no doubt regulate hard on sketchiness, while at the same time bringing a certain unprecedented element of ‘ratcheyness’ to the position. In short, you could say she is all about that life.”

Martellacci said he originally made the decision to run for the position under the impression that no Nexus staff members would be contesting him, and he hoped to utilize his journalism experience and enthusiasm for the job to better the paper’s content. After going through the selection process, Martellacci said he respected the staff’s decision and was glad to see the Nexus passed on to a dedicated and experienced individual.
“I wanted to run because I didn’t think anyone on staff was running and I thought I’d have a shot because I’m confident in my abilities and passionate about print journalism,” Martellacci said. “I’m honestly happy to be runner-up now that I got to see that it passed into capable hands.”
Kulp said he can personally vouch for Wenzke’s character, having worked alongside her for his entire time at the Nexus.
“Marissa’s been my partner-in-crime ever since we started the Nexus, and it’s been amazing working with her throughout the past two years. We’ve had a lot of good times,” Kulp said.
Chief Copy Editor Tina Petrosian said Wenzke will demand perfection from every issue and settle for nothing less.
“It’s a rollercoaster because you know she’s a relentless person who believes in quality, so if something is terrible you just don’t want to be near her, but that’s really good for the paper because she just bleeds all over it,” Petrosian said.
According to News Editor Carissa Quiambao, Wenzke’s ability to swiftly transition between lightheartedness and professionalism motivates other members of the Daily Nexus staff to perform to the best of their abilities.
“Marissa’s ability to go from fun and ratchey to articulate, eloquent, poised and professional serve as an inspiration to the entire staff to maintain a paper of the utmost quality and badassery,” Quiambao said.
Wenzke’s combination of casual and intense mannerisms stands as evidence of her ability to act as a successful leader, according to Quiambao
“Marissa’s messy bun, constantly comfortable attire and cut-throat yet lackadaisical attitude are all indicative of her future success as EIC,” Quiambao said.
Petrosian predicts some major changes in the way the copy team handles headlines under Wenzke’s leadership.
“I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do to copy regarding headlines because I’m expecting chaos,” Petrosian said.
Managing Editor Rilla Peng said Wenzke exhibits passion and dedication in her work.
“There was this one time in the library — she caught me there, and she started talking to me about the Nexus, and I just realized how passionate of a person she is and how devoted she is to the paper and to the betterment of it,” Peng said.
“Marissa Wenzke is a force to be reckoned with.”-Patrick Kulp