In honor of National Public Works Week, the City of Goleta is holding a special farmer’s market to celebrate the hard work and dedication of all Public Works staff members.

The celebration will take place at Camino Real Marketplace tomorrow afternoon from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., and the family-friendly event is open to the public. Event attendees will have the chance to meet Public Works staff and learn about the city’s projects. There will also be food available, in addition to free activities for children.

Valerie Kushnerov, Public Information Officer for the City of Goleta’s Manager’s Office, said Public Works Week is an annual celebration of Public Works departments across the nation. Kushnerov said the events celebrating this national celebration allow community members to see the public service activities that are performed daily by their city officials.

Since there is a farmer’s market at Camino Real Marketplace every Thursday, the City of Goleta decided to combine the two events to attract more attendees.

The event will provide Goleta locals with the unique opportunity to get to know the people who keep their city safe and clean, according to Kushnerov.

“People should stop by and meet the staff. It’s an opportunity for the residents to understand what [the Public Works staff] does at City Hall everyday,” Kushnerov said.

Additionally, the market will include a hoist demonstration and other activities geared toward children, in addition to various opportunities for city staff and community members to interact, according to Kushenerov.

“The staff will be there to answer questions and just talk about what we do in the City of Goleta, and how we serve the community through public works through parks and open spaces,” Kushenerov said.

City of Goleta Public Works Manager Bob Morgenstern said Public Works Week is comprised of several events, aside from the farmer’s market. He introduced his Public Works crew at a council meeting yesterday and there will also be a staff luncheon tomorrow.

The Public Works staff impacts the community in many ways, through maintaining the beauty of the city and safety of residents by fixing signs at public places, removing weed plants and graffiti vandalism and maintaining public parks as well as other routine duties, Morgenstern said.

Morgenstern says the Public Works team works hard to keep the city comfortable for residents to live in and also to increase property values.

“We maintain signals and signs — obviously a safety factor for all people.” Morgenstern said. “We try to make a safe place for the [community] and keep them positive.”


A version of this article appeared on page 3 of the May 22, 2013’s print edition of the Nexus