Nostalgia is a nice thing. It’s great to think back on those moments or things from when we were kids and remember how awesome they were. And those memories sure are awesome! Halloweens with the wax lips and the little mini wax bottles of sugar water and the hilarious TV shows like “The Monkees” or “Batman.” Even the great video games like “Atari Combat” or the original “Zelda.” Those were the days when America was strong and had the good old fashioned values that made it great! Or at least that’s how I remembered it.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to introduce my kids to my favorite TV show growing up. They knew Batman from the comics and some of the movies, but this was the chance to see the funny Batman TV show I loved. I popped it up on the screen and we began a trip down memory lane. It took about five minutes of watching “Bam!” and “Whack!” pop up with the cheesy dialogue before I began thinking how cheesy and dumb this was. I looked over at my kids and realized it took them about one minute to realize Dad watched a lot of crap as a kid. Sadly, some memories are better off left as memories. Pop in a retro copy of any Atari 2600 game after having played on a PS3 or Xbox 360, and you’ll realize how slow and clunky the graphics were. You really had to fill in a lot with your imagination. Yeah, imagination. How old school…


Q: What do I do if I find someone’s wallet or ID? Where can I take it so they can get it back?

A: It’s amazing when you look around how much stuff you find just laying here and there. Keys, wallets, IDs, used gum. It seems like there is so much of it you can’t help but step on it as you walk along. Usually it’s the used gum, but the other stuff’s there too.

We’ve all lost things. We all know what a major pain it is to realize that you can’t find your wallet or keys. That panicked feeling that you might have dropped it somewhere and it’s currently either floating out to sea or in the hands of those Nigerian email scammers. I love the look of relief people get when I am able to get them their things back. But if you find the wallet what do you do with it?

When you find property, you have lots of options. The best place to turn it in is at either the UCSB Police station or the Isla Vista Foot Patrol office. When we get items that can be traced back to the owner, we make every effort to contact them and get it back as soon as possible. The UCSB Police Dept. has a dedicated Lost and Found department that logs all of the found property on campus and if the owner can’t be tracked down, they hold it hoping someone calls looking for it. You can either call them at 893-3843 or email them at The I.V. Foot Patrol can be reached at 681-4179.

If you can’t drop it off at either the Foot Patrol or Police Dept., any police officer or deputy will take it for you and turn it in. If you are on campus you can go to any building and give it to a staff member. Most buildings have a lost and found collection that is picked up on a regular basis and taken to the Police Dept. Lost and Found.

Lastly, I must add that although I do appreciate the effort, just because you see me wandering around and appearing lost, don’t try to drop me off at the Lost and Found. I usually am just lost in thought and will eventually find my way back from crazy town.


Q: When at a stop light, I know that you are allowed to make a right turn on a red light, but are you allowed to if there is a red right arrow?

A: In California the traffic law is written that when safe to do so, after stopping (yes, you still have to stop!), you can make a right turn at a red light. However, some intersections also have a red arrow light. At those intersections, it was determined by people a lot smarter than me at CalTrans that it is unsafe to make the turn while the red light is on, so a red arrow light indicates the right turn cannot be made until you have a green light. Something about running over pedestrians being a bad thing…


Have an incredible week and don’t forget to Question Authority whenever you can! Well, I am off to another day at work while my family takes off for a few days at Disneyland. Lucky them. I told my kids to make sure they get on the Dumbo ride. I remember as a kid that ride being the ultimate fun time and zipping up and down and around. It’s just as good as Tatsu, the Ninja and X2 at Six Flags, if I remember right…

Sgt. Mark Signa has the memory of an elephant. That’s why he also responds to the nickname Deputy Dumbo.

Got caught by a cop? Your party popped by the Po-Po? Ticked by a ticket? If you have questions, don’t let it eat away at you, Question Authority! Email me anytime at: or call the UCSB Police Dept. at 893-3446.