Kristie Ko



After taking winter quarter off in order to revamp the structure and organization of the club, SB Media Group is once again up-and-running and soliciting new recruits for spring quarter.

Open to UCSB undergraduate and graduate students, SB Media Group is a non-profit, student-run advertising and marketing agency that aims to develop creative alternatives for advertising, promotions and event planning. Since its inception in 2008, the club has collaborates with a diverse range of local and national businesses including Disney, NBC, Pizza My Heart, Sandbar, Cajé, Grafikart and Santa Barbara Zoo.

SB Media Group Strategic Planner Victoria Essien, a third-year anthropology and communication major, said the group took the quarter to overhaul their entire design.

“We completely changed the structure [and] we’re starting fresh and new,” Essien said. “We want students to get some background about us and what we do.”

According to head of Human Resources Ali Shalabi, a fourth-year biological psychology major, the organization runs like a professional advertising agency, developing and carrying out publicity plans.

“SB Media Group works exactly like an ad agency,” Shalabi said. “We create marketing campaigns, run promotions and get professional experience working with local companies.”

SB Media Group acts as the connecting link between local businesses, as well as various campus organizations, and the UCSB community as a whole. After this quarter’s reorganization and upheaval of previously established practices, SB Media Group has gained a host of new clients.

To keep up with these new developments, SB Media Group will search for new recruits for the positions of graphic designers, strategic planners, account managers and business developers. Potential new members can come from a variety of different fields including marketing, advertising and economics. Ultimately, the group’s goal is to build and maintain a creative team eager to work with others in order to successfully adopt marketing strategies, according to Essien.

Furthermore, the group seeks to guide students who are looking to explore the artistic and creative aspects of marketing, straying away from the majority of theory-based university of a research university, Essien said.

“We were a small organization before, and we’re really looking to expand,” Essien said. “We just want to get people from all fields involved and make SB Media Group into something big.”

Students interested in learning more about or joining SB Media Group can apply by writing a short email to including name, major, applicable skills and reason of interest.


A version of this article appeared on page 5 of March 7th, 2013’s print edition of the Nexus