The Movie-Loving Duo and Co-Creators of the ‘Corilary’ Webseries Share the Best, Worst and Most Awkward Moments from This Year’s Academy Awards

Corie Anderson’s Approach

What the Oscars Mean to Me: The one night a year when no one questions my devotion to film or gets annoyed when I quote movies incessantly or tells me to stop singing songs from my favorite movie musicals — oh wait, they still do, never mind.

Most Deserved: Jennifer Lawrence. She’s beautiful and hilarious and so incredibly awkward in interviews that it’s just endearing. I also thought “Silver Linings Playbook” was the best film of the year and it should have won all the things (including Best Director, but that’s another story).

Biggest Upset: When Daniel Day-Lewis won for “Lincoln” (not the upset), his speech turned into a stand-up comedy routine (not yet), and it was actually hilarious (the upset)! Does he have to be good at everything?

Oh you meant award upset? In that case, Ang Lee for “Life of Pi.” It should have been David O. Russell (like I said, “Silver Linings Playbook”: all the things).

Most Awkward: Whenever they played someone off stage with that mean “Jaws” music. It was especially sad to see the “Life of Pi” visual effects team get completely drowned out in the middle of their speeches. Even Nicole Kidman felt bad for them when the cameras cut to her mouthing, “Aw, poor thing,” in the audience. She’s almost too nice though; she even let the audience clap when she introduced three of the Best Picture nominated films.

Best Line: “Why can’t Tina and Amy host everything?” Delivered by a projection of James T. Kirk a.k.a. William Shatner. Not that I didn’t like Seth McFarlane, I really did, but I also just think every single event would be better if Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted it.

Best Dressed: Lisa Westcott, one half of the “Les Misérables” award-winning hairstyle and makeup duo (the other half is Julie Dartnel) a.k.a. the one who wore pink leggings and a metallic blue scarf on stage. To Lisa Westcott, fuck yeah for rocking pink tights at the Oscars! To the haters, she’s a cool British woman and she just won an Oscar so I think she can wear whatever she wants. Also, Naomi Watts looked pretty.

Favorite Moment: It’s a three-way tie. First, every time they played the masterfully edited version of a Best Picture nominated film. Those minute-long clips showed the best parts of every movie and made me want to watch them all again right then and there. Second, the theme of movie music (and this is the first time the Oscars have had a theme). I curled up on my couch in joy like it was the damn Tony Awards during the “Chicago,” “Dreamgirls,” and “Les Misérables” performances. Third, the “In Memoriam” portion of the evening a.k.a. Corie cries for people she doesn’t know and will never meet. When the photos of Norah Ephron and Tony Scott came on screen, I just … lost it.

Closing Remarks: I laughed, I cried, I cringed and I went to bed immediately after the telecast so I could keep that beautiful Oscars feeling in my body for a little longer.

Corie Anderson is an Artsweek Staff Writer, Senior, Film major and she is an extremely trustworthy person, so you should trust what she says.


Hillary Campbell’s Approach

What the Oscars Mean to Me: I’ve saved newspaper clippings of the Oscars since I was in middle school. One time I wore a gown and got pizza on it; this time I ate a cupcake in sweats.

Most Deserved: I want to say Jennifer Lawrence, but I have an unhealthy obsession with “Silver Lining’s Playbook” (if I had my way it would have won Best (Supporting) Actor, (Supporting) Actress, Adapted Screenplay, Editing, Direction and Picture). So I’m putting myself in perspective here — my answer is “Argo” for Best Picture. After being snubbed for the director’s credit Ben Affleck deserved more than anyone in the room to stand in front of his peers and give thanks (even if he forgot his OG Matt Damon … do you think he’s crying in a dark room?) was a noble thing.

Biggest Upset: I’m not going to talk about awards; I’m going to talk about the lack of respect for Nora Ephron. The woman who changed the industry for female writers and directors deserves at least a whole minute of “In Memoriam” screen time, if not 20. And why pass up the opportunity for Meg Ryan to fake an orgasm on stage? There’s no way she would pass up that kind of a comeback.

Most Awkward: That time when I was all excited to see Jack Nicholson walk on stage and then the Oscars decided to put on what was basically a PSA with Michelle Obama calling artists to teach our youngsters to “dig deeper.” I’m sorry, what? I don’t watch the Oscars to see the White House (and all its awkward staff): I want to hear Nicholson chuckle, ‘k, thanks.

Best Line: My first thought is that I CAN’T DECIDE! I don’t know, maybe the entire opening act? But really, if I have to pick anything it is very first line of the night. McFarlane started the show off perfectly with, “And the quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh begins … now.” I was laughing right away and so was Tommy Lee. Four for you Glen Co-Co!

Best Dressed: KRISTEN STEWART. J.K. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t showered in a week. Naomi Watts had the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen in my life. Can I has it? Oh, and I always feel like boys don’t count here, but I loved Daniel Day Lewis’ black and blue suit. It was a lovely twist on the classic getup.

Favorite Moment: I mean, Seth McFarlane had me giggling all evening, but my absolute favorite moment was the throwback to the Von Trapp family singers! Even if Christopher Plummer hates “The Sound of Music” (hehe), I can’t think of anything better than a Nazi running into the Dolby Theater … “THEY’RE GONE!”

Closing Remarks: Where’s Leo?

Hilary Campbell is a Senior Film Major who has no idea what she is talking about. Don’t trust her, unless you like popcorn and wine, together.


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Graphic by Hilary Campbell.