Last week, Daily Nexus News Editor Patrick Kulp was approved by the UCSB Press Council to be editor in chief for the duration of the 2012-13 school year.

Kulp, a third-year political science and economics double major, ran unopposed for the new position. His selection serves to replace former Editor in Chief Katherine Friedman, who stepped down earlier last month due to personal reasons.

Previously a fellow news editor with third-year political science major Marissa Wenzke, Kulp began working at the Daily Nexus during winter quarter of his freshman year as a staff writer. According to Wenzke, who started at the same time, both she and Kulp were promoted to assistant university news editors the following quarter.

“I think Pat has an exceptional work ethic and has been committed to the Nexus for all the years he’s worked here,” Wenzke said. “He does his job, he fulfills the necessary tasks and provides a sense of swagga unforeseen in past editorial management.”

Former Editor in Chief Katherine Friedman said Kulp will prove to be a capable editor.

“He’s such a dynamic character and a bit difficult to describe. His alter ego is P. Murder,” Friedman said. “That’s how I first met him and he impressed me. He was born a boss. P Murder’s got swag for days.”

As editor in chief, Kulp will manage the Nexus editorial staff and hopes to improve several areas of the paper in an effort to improve the overall content of the campus’s only independent and entirely student-run publication.

“While the transition has been a bit abrupt, I think this is a great opportunity for us to improve on some things while ensuring that the paper continues to provide accurate and timely coverage of all things relevant to the campus community,” Kulp said. “Particularly, I’d like to expand our online section extensively, make better use of multimedia and social media and make sure our content is responsive to student interests.”

Third-year communication major and Sports Editor Kristen Henneman said Kulp is always open to working with members of different sections and titles, from copy to art to sports editors.

“Working with Patrick is awesome because he really cares about the paper,” Henneman said. “We have our staff meetings every week and we look at what can be improved, what looks good. He’s really up to doing what looks best for sports, for us. Today we have an extra half-page, for example, and it shows that he’s been really flexible.”

Fourth-year history major and Assistant News Editor Arda Jooharian said Kulp’s perceived devotion stems from his ulterior motive of regularly exploiting the free beverage refill offerings from the University Center’s Subway.

“It may seem like he’s dedicated to the Nexus, but we all know he only cares about his free soda refills from Subway,” Jooharian said.

According to second-year political science major and Assistant News Editor Carissa Quiambao, the carbonated drink is irrelevant in the broad scheme of paper production due to Kulp’s satisfactory level of performance.

“Though I completely agree with Arda, I think the Subway soda-fueled energy serves the Nexus well,” Quiambao said.


A version of this article appeared on page 1 of February 11th, 2013’s print edition of the Nexus.