Film festivals are spectacular sites of exhibition for filmmakers, especially those who make short films, which usually receive far less attention than indie features or Hollywood blockbusters. This year, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival will be screening many short films by hardworking and deserving artists. One such event is the world premiere of the American short, “F**k The Parents,” about a guy who is dumped by his girlfriend and starts dating her parents. The film’s wacky premise was thought up by writer, director and lead actor Ethan Kuperberg, whose past short film “The Dining” also screened at SBIFF. On screen, Ethan is joined by the talented actors and comedians Rob Delaney, Pamela Adlon (“Louie”) and Annie Mumalo (co-writer of “Bridesmaids”) among others. So this year, take advantage of the festival’s short film offerings and attend a screening of “F**k The Parents.”

A version of this article appeared on page 6 of January 17, 2013’s print edition of the Nexus.