The Lady Elephant’s article published Friday, Nov. 30 reminded me of an important truth: Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that does not mean all opinions are created equal.

Let’s start with the Elephant’s generalizations. She seems to believe all communication majors are rich girls in yoga pants who are too ‘cheap,’ or perhaps too ‘entitled’ to pay for birth control.

In my experience, comm majors are much more diverse than this narrow view. They also work much harder than popularly believed — the major is impacted, so classes are accordingly difficult.

Here’s the thing: Birth control is a health issue. It is prescribed as a medication to deal with irregular or severe periods. People should take “responsibility for their own adult actions.” But should people take responsibility for the biology of their body — something out of their control?

On a side note, Viagra has been covered by most health insurance plans since it was patented in 1998. Yes, “saving a little unborn baby is more important than saving a tree.” I think 99.9 percent of the world would agree with you, excluding some radical Sierra Club members. Your opinion on abortion is important — to you.

See, the reason we say “pro-choice” instead of pro-abortion is because you have the ability to decide if you want to keep a baby — or not. It’s a personal decision mandated by your personal beliefs. Why should your personal beliefs be imposed on me?

I compliment your bravery in writing an article with opinions that are not popular among our student body. Here’s a tip: Next time, don’t insult the intelligence of your readers. It tends to piss us off.

Bridgid Twomey has the balls to put her name on this article.