Say hello to my not-so-little friend: Tony Montana’s infamous 10,000 square-foot residence located on 10 acres of Santa Barbara land at 631 Para Grande Lane is up for rent.

If you recently took over a Miami drug cartel, you may be able to afford the massive $30,000 monthly rent for the Scarface icon. Though we don’t support selling narcotics, the residence comes with worthy benefits including magnificent landscaping, flowing pools, a courtyard, a terrace and verandas.

Designed by architectural kingpin Bertram Goodhue, the property boasts ornate ceilings and pillars fit for the star of the 1983 film. Nonetheless, don’t expect the house to have the same interior features as seen in the movie; it is important to note that the grenade-launching assault rifle is not an included amenity.

Bought by Russian billionaire Sergey Grishin in 2009, the home is also known as “El Fureidis,” meaning “little paradise.” Complete with both indoor and outdoor fountains, murals, a guest house and Pacific Ocean views, this palace is lacking a sunken master bathtub but does provide Mediterranean-influenced gardens for all your cigar-smoking needs.

At $30,000 a month, renting the Santa Barbara mansion comes at quite the price, but is at a discount when compared to the previous pricing at $150,000 or the $35 million it would take to buy it.

The world may not be yours, but the home that Tony’s yeyo money bought could be.