Several local agencies discussed the implementation of strict regulatory measures for Isla Vista and surrounding neighborhoods at the City of Goleta’s annual Halloween Public Safety and Prevention meeting yesterday evening.

Those present at the meeting included officials from various local law enforce- ment agencies, the city of Goleta, UCSB Student Affairs and the American Medical Response Team. Extra security protocol will be in place in I.V. from Oct. 26 to Nov. 4 in an effort to keep environmental, physical and fiscal destruction to a minimum.

City of Goleta Neighborhood Services and Public Safety Director Vyto Adomaitis said his department is work- ing to mitigate the effects the influx of visiting partygoers has on the residents of Goleta.

“We work closely with law enforcement to provide a briefing of the neighborhood about what steps we are taking to minimize any impact on communities,” Adomaitis said. “This addresses traffic [and] disturbances caused by revelers and partiers going into I.V. and we want to get feedback from the community about what their concerns are, too.” Goleta Police Chief Butch Arnoldi

said along with heightened security measures in I.V., officers will also work undercover in Goleta to prevent potential safety risks.

“We will have approximately 150 officers on the street throughout the

weekend and will consist mostly of foot patrols trained in crowd control,” Arnoldi said. “Undercover officers targeting hotels and motels will also be spread out in order to target underage drinking and public disturbances.”

According to Arnoldi, nine mounted officials will also be patrolling the area of Isla Vista, along with canine units and officers on bicycles. The Santa Barbara Police Department will supplement the Goleta Station by sending several two-officer units around surrounding neighborhoods each night looking for impaired drivers and giving out citations.

I.V. Foot Patrol Lieutenant Ray Vuillemainroy said while alcohol-related violations will constitute the majority of police activity, law enforcement is also prepared for more serious crimes.

“We are looking for mostly alcohol related crimes — minor in possession, drunk in public — but we are also looking for sexual assaults, physical altercations and any other activity that would put the public in danger,” Vuillemainroy said.

UC Police Assistant Chief Cathy Farley said the UCSB Residence Halls will also once again be enforcing a strict “No-Visitor Policy,” which will go into effect at 5 p.m. Farley said a fence will be erected around Santa Catalina towers to protect the off-campus dorm.

“Campus is open for usual business but if you’re not faculty or a [UCSB] student, you will hit a checkpoint where you will not be permitted to go beyond toward housing and areas of parking,” Farley said.