I am a very understanding woman and very few things get on my nerves, but one of my all-time pet peeves is people who think that it is their god-given right to have silence wherever and whenever they please. The petition being signed to get rid of the UCen TVs is just another example of bratty kids wanting to get their bratty way.

If you want your silence, go to the Arts Library, which is less than 100 yards away from the UCen. If you need to study, set up camp in Davidson Library. If you need to meet with a group for a project, go to the Student Resource Building.

The UCSB campus is chock-full of options for every student need. If you want to eat lunch and to take a break from your classes, THAT is when you go to the UCen! Now, I am by no means saying that you can’t study at the UCen. I do it all the time! However, I sit there fully aware of the fact that it is not a space where I am allowed to demand silence. I chose to sit there and I will live with the fact that it isn’t quiet. There is a similar trend of a**holes who glare at you in Starbucks when you and your roommate DARE to crack jokes in line. I’m sorry, did I miss the sign that said “Library” on the door? No. I didn’t. I just saw the sign that said “Happy Hour on Frappuccinos” and in I went.

I understand the plight of the student. It is so hard to study for a midterm when you’re so hungover you want to cry. I get it. Your roommates are too loud and the reading is too complicated. Fine. But this is my plea to every student here: Remember that the world does not revolve around you! We are all in this together. Just because you sat down somewhere with a book does not suddenly make it a quiet reading space. The UCen is a place to relax, hear some music coming from those darned TVs, grab some Panda Express and buy last minute presents for your friend’s birthday.

Let it be. Please.

Mina Zivkovic is a fourth-year art history major.


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