Turns out, if you are a liberal, having a baby is one of the best ways you can fight for your cause. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, conservatives have 41 percent more offspring than liberals. While liberals are busy protesting for equality and fairness, conservatives are busy gettin’ busy, procreating the next generation of conservatives.

The states with the highest fertility rates? Mormon-Land (a.k.a. Utah), Arizona, Alaska and Texas — all states that run redder than the blood that once filled Reagan’s hallowed veins. On the other hand, the states with the lowest fertility rates are the liberal bastions of Vermont (first state to legalize gay marriage), Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. One of the cities with the lowest fertility rates in the nation is San Francisco, where people actually have more dogs than they do children. Unfortunately for liberals, dogs cannot vote.

At this point you may be saying to yourself, “Well, just because someone’s born into a conservative family doesn’t mean they are born conservative.” True, some people end up voting differently than their parents, but four out of five don’t. And more importantly, once you adopt a certain political ideology, you are even less likely to change it. As I showed in my article last week, recent studies have shown that liberals and conservatives represent two very distinct modes of thinking. To switch from identifying as a conservative to a liberal, or liberal to conservative, would mean fundamentally changing the way you think and perceive the world. That very rarely happens.

The article in the Chronicle demonstrates a little-talked about phenomenon: the evolutionary success of conservatism. The evolution of species is characterized by the desire to pass on one’s genetic material, and it turns out that conservative society is very good at doing just that.

A study on Neuropolitics.org shows a strong correlation between the number of children wanted and political ideology. Women who identify themselves as “very conservative” on average want 2.5 children while women who identify as “very liberal” want 1.8. With men the difference is much more striking; men who identify as “very conservative” want 3.2 children while “very liberal” men only want 1.6 children on average.

While liberal women want slightly more children than liberal men, conservative men want significantly more children than conservative women do. By looking at these numbers we can see how a conservative, male-dominated society is going to be able to produce more offspring than a society that grants women more rights and reproductive freedom. Evolutionarily speaking, having more offspring would increase a society’s competitiveness relative to other societies, increasing the society’s overall chances of survival.

Many of the most contentious issues of the day can actually be traced to ensuring reproduction in conservative society. Banning abortion results in more children. Strengthening gun rights comes from a desire to protect one’s family. Choosing to be homosexual (remember, they think it’s a choice) represents the ultimate betrayal against conservative society’s desire to reproduce.

Not coincidentally, conservative societies all over the world follows these patterns; I’ve always thought it was interesting how, despite American conservatives’ portrayals of Obama as a radical Muslim, conservative Muslims in Iran much more closely resemble Christian conservatives in America in terms of political ideology. Like American conservatives, Muslim conservatives in Iran tend to come from rural areas, are highly religious, think in binary terms of “good vs. evil; us vs. them” and are strongly opposed to abortion, homosexuality and women’s rights. Studies have shown that increasing education in women is strongly linked to decreasing numbers of offspring, and while conservatives in America have more or less overcome this aversion to educated women, they historically were no more tolerant than their Iranian counterparts.

It should be concerning for liberals that history seems to show that when a liberal society is pitted against a conservative society, all else being equal, the conservative society tends to prevails. Today, birth rates in many European countries are below two children per woman, rates that will not be sufficient for supporting their aging populations. Ironically, the survival of these societies is dependent upon the very same immigration of conservative Muslims that scares conservative Christians to death. It is inevitable that these countries are going to continue to become more ethnically and religiously diverse. The million- dollar question for this next century may be: Are the children of Muslim immigrants going to adopt the ideologies of the European liberals who welcome them, or the ideologies of their (generally) more socially conservative parents?

I’m not trying to encourage xenophobia in Europe; I’m just pointing out that when it comes to knowing how to win the culture war, conservative societies all over the world seem to know what the best strategy is: Keep making those babies.

Daily Nexus columnist Riley Schenck has decided to invest in baby-making for future world domination.

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