While volunteering at Spring Insight, I couldn’t help but notice the nomadic camp hovering over the Storke Tower bike roundabout. Assuming that the Pirate was finally commandeering the campus, I thought little of it. However, meandering my way to class on Monday, I realized the true intention of Occupy Bike Path: to set up the Carnival of Horrors that is Student Representative Elections. As it turns out, members of the OPP had sat for days in order to cinch the best campaigning positions. What a shame it was completely pointless.

There are two main parties gunning for your vote: the Open People’s Party (OPP) and the Democratic Process Party (DP).  A quick glance at both parties’ websites definitively shows there is absolutely no difference between them. Both clamor to espouse the idea that they more accurately represent the common student, despite the fact that I challenge you to think of anything productive either party has ever done to help the school. Each party clings helplessly to their desire to run some sort of high school mock political election.

Look, it’s just like the real thing!

This leaves you with two options: Either you don’t care and won’t vote; or you’ll take your time to research the candidates, realize they have no real issues,and won’t vote. This fact seems terribly depressing considering they are trying so hard for your vote, and even more so when you realize their budget is in the millions. The charade of a party system on campus is redundant and needs to die. If you want a candidate who isn’t running for a resume builder and actually wants to help our campus, then join me and vote for Sean Donald, an independent candidate for an independent mind.

James Ash is a fourth-year economics and accounting major.