UCSB Career Services is offering a series of presentations on international career planning at 5 p.m. every Tuesday this quarter in Chemistry 1171.

The lectures will span topics related to globally oriented careers including socially responsible businesses, international MBA and graduate programs and understanding international organizations.

Career Services Internship Coordinator Deb Artz said the program helps the increasing number of students seeking overseas employment navigate foreign waters.

“We have over 850 global studies majors, and so many others in foreign language departments and other departments where students are trying to figure out what to do,” Artz said. “They want to know how to work for a [nongovernmental organization], or even how to start their own. They’re trying to how to figure out how to break in and start an international career.”

According to Artz, the subject matter is relevant for students from various academic backgrounds.

“There isn’t an industry or professional field that doesn’t have an international dimension, and if you can build those skills sets you’re going to be in high demand,” Artz said.

Global Studies Undergraduate Advisor Jodi Cutler said Artz created the program to effectively reach a large number of students.

“She’s the one who has worked really hard, organized all of this and gotten it together,” Cutler said. “[She is] the person that does international and global studies career related things at the career center, and she figured rather than advising 900 students individually on international career paths, why not have a series of talks and just help them all together.”

Fourth-year philosophy major Joel Sacco said the series will offer practical career information for attendees.

“I think that students with majors other than business or global studies, or the typical majors for an international career can gain a lot from an international job,” Sacco said. “Especially in the tech market, a lot of the big, important new developments are being done outside of the US.”