The beaches were off-limits this weekend but “Deltopia 2012” was out of control, as thousands of partiers flooded Del Playa Drive with beer bongs, swimming pools and super soakers during Isla Vista’s Spring Quarter kickoff shenanigans.

After the mayhem of 2009’s infamous “Floatopia” beach party, county officials cracked down on public beach usage during busy party weekends. For the past three years, I.V. ragers have moved from the sand to the streets to usher in the new quarter with plenty of bikini- and boardshorts-clad debauchery. See for GoPro video footage of this year’s madness.

The sodden celebrations, which usually serve as a welcoming gala for parents and prospective students during Spring Insight weekend, started early this year. Fourth-year geology major John Zubkovsky said this spontaneity will keep the tradition fresh throughout the season.

“Every weekend it’s all about Spring Quarter,” Zubkovsky said. “Whenever no one knows about it, that’s when it’s going to go down.”

Third-year Santa Barbara City College communication major Dave Anderson said Floatopia’s legacy still lives strong on the streets.

“We been doing shit every year; this is just another round,” Anderson said. “Titties flying, drinks flowing, kegs tapping.”