The Federated University Police Officers Association filed a temporary restraining order yesterday to block the public release of results from a University of California inspection into the pepper spray incident at UC Davis last November.

An investigation task force planned to release the results of the three-month fact-finding effort at a public hearing at UC Davis yesterday but postponed action after Alameda County Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo granted the union’s request to prevent disclosure of police officers’ personal information. The officers’ union, representing pepper spray-wielding Lt. John Pike, has now twice delayed the findings’ announcement after it pushed back the original Feb. 21 deadline due to ongoing negotiations.

The court will revisit the case and determine whether to uphold the restraining order at a hearing on March 16. The request for the restraining order will be filed on behalf of an attorney representing at least one of the officers placed on administrative leave for the course of the investigation.

In a statement released yesterday, UC General Counsel Charles Robinson said continued delays would not deter the investigation’s effort.

“We look forward to the next round, and we will fight vigorously in court to ensure that the task force report sees public light as soon as possible,” Robinson said in a press release.


—Staff Report