Over 10,000 students are expected to march to the California Capitol Building in Sacramento this morning for a rally supporting higher education funding.

University of California, California State University and community college students will attempt to persuade Governor Brown and the state legislature to protect the Cal Grant and reform the property tax system to increase state funding for higher education. The “Fund our Future” assembly is part of a series of demonstrations on various campuses and government buildings across California in connection with the Occupy Education week that began on March 1.

The demonstration marks the culmination of the four-day 99-Mile March from Oakland to Sacramento. Participants set out from Oakland last Thursday and made stops in San Pablo, Vallejo, Vacaville and Davis.

Third-year mechanical engineering major Jenny Lei said lawmakers face limitations in financing higher education.

“It’s impossible for the state to give as much as they have in the past; we as a state and a country are in such great debt,” Lei said. “There’s some leeway in terms of how they have allocated their own budget, but honestly I feel like there is only so much the state can do in terms of giving more money.”

Occupy University of San Francisco leader Charlotte Perry-Houts, a history major, said the movement seeks to maintain its activism until a solution is reached.

“You can’t just turn up to a march then go home and expect change,” Perry-Houts said. “It’s important to continue the fight afterwards because we know we’re not going to go up to Sacramento and then have them stop making cuts after Monday.”