The Isla Vista Foot Patrol and Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department released shocking details about a weekend brawl that began on Del Playa Drive and put at least three victims in the hospital, one with severe stab wounds.

Deputies received several reports of numerous subjects fighting late Friday night on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive and the intersection of Camino Del Sur and Sabado Tarde Road. According to IVFP Lieutenant Ray Vuillemainroy, several males suffered extensive injuries during the conflict.

“Upon deputies’ arrival, they found one subject was knocked out and another was severely injured with kicks to the head,” Vuillemainroy said. “In addition, two other subjects had sustained stab wounds. Multiple subjects were transported to the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital and the investigation is ongoing.”

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department public information officer Drew Sugars said several witnesses attempted to stop the confrontation before deputies arrived.

“We discovered that there was a 21-year-old male who apparently was not part of the initial fight, saw the fight and went to try to stop it and, in the process, was beaten unconscious,” Sugars said. “In the meantime, the fight appears to have moved down the street and ended up at the intersection of Camino Del Sur and Sabado Tarde. This is all within probably 20 minutes or less.”

One victim suffered lacerations while attempting to break up the confrontation and another received severe stab wounds shortly after, according to Sugars.

“There was a 24-year-old male who tried to stop the fight and he ended up getting slashed in the hand with what appears to be a knife,” Sugars said. “Then, shortly after or around that same time, a 20-year-old male was stabbed in the stomach and we did come upon that person and that person was treated and then transported to Cottage [Hospital] for treatment there.”

According to Sugars, investigators have yet to determine the brawl’s initial cause.

“What we are being told is that there were two groups of males who were fighting,” Sugars said. “[It’s] not clear why they started. We have heard anywhere from six combined — both sides — to more than twenty; it varies.”

The separate incidents of violence are likely tied to the same unknown suspects, Sugars said.

“It appears that it was probably one event that made its way down the street to that location,” Sugars said. “The 21 and 24-year-olds that we did identify, they were, we are being told, people who tried to stop the fight. The 20-year-old male who was stabbed in the stomach — we don’t know what his connection was.”

Officers also responded to an individual who fell off the bluffs on the 6500 block of Del Playa Drive around 11:30 p.m. on Friday, according to Vuillemainroy. The identity of the victim, who survived the fall, remains undisclosed.

“A UCSB student fell over the cliff and sustained major injuries,” Vuillemainroy said. “He was transported to Cottage Hospital for treatment.”

IVFP also handled several alcohol-related crimes throughout the weekend, citing 19 people for minor in possession, six for open containers and four for music ordinance violations. Officers also arrested six people for public intoxication.

Vanessa Angiuli contributed to this article.