You may have noticed that streaming sites are being shut down. Thank God. For a while there, the Internet was killing the video star, but alas! It seems that TV is still kicking, still streaming and still dedicated to bringing rays of sunshine into our collective homes.

Now is a very special time of year! I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day, the Grammys or the race to the Oscars. I’m talking about midseason television. “What is that?” I hear you ask. “It sounds delicious!” And it is. This is the time of year when networks launch new shows, and, boy, have they got a vast lineup for you. From comedy to horror, thrillers to musicals, the start of this year has been rocking on TV, and it’s not about to stop.

You might have noticed heavily promoted, high-budget series such as “The River” and “Smash” — both produced by Steven Spielberg.

The first is a horror/thriller journey into the unknown, somewhere between “Lost” and “Paranormal Activity.” If you prefer something lighter in tone, “Smash” may be for you. NBC’s “Glee”-esque foray depicts the drama that goes on behind the scenes of a Broadway show. Both Spielberg series bring cinematic genres to TV in a big way.

New this year from HBO is “Work It.” Using much gender-oriented comedy, the show is comprised of various gags and funny situations, revolving around two men who dress up as women to get better jobs. The show provides great comedic respite after your full days of working it on this busy campus (cue ironic rimshot).

A less over-the-top comedy is “I Just Want My Pants Back.” This may hit home with many soon-to-be-graduating students as the show depicts a twenty-something guy searching for a right balance between his friends, his sex life and (Oh no! Not the J-word!) his job.

One of the most talked about new series, coming in March, has to be “GCB” (“Good Christian Bitches”). This is a new kind of desperate-housewife drama set in Texas. “GCB” is a highly promising social-satire set against a background of religion, Botox and fraud. However, the show — based on a novel by Kim Gatlin — has already come under harsh criticism from feminist and religious groups for its racy title and premise.

If all this novelty is not enough for you, try tuning back in to some of the great shows that aired in the fall.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a fairy tale, “Once Upon a Time” may give you some clever insight. Although it depicts the original tales in a campy way, the originality resides in the interesting roles that the characters assume in our day and age.

To satisfy your inner child’s dream of becoming a pilot or an air-hostess, take off with “Pan Am” and its glamorous cast for a journey back to the 1960s (though the show will be over after this week).

And for all those Zooey Deschanel fans that want more then just a cute and quirky film to watch, “New Girl” is a brand new show, staring … Yes! Zooey Deschanel!

So there you have it: this new year features something for everyone. Give yourself and your computer a well deserved break from Megaupload mourning mode and put the Television to good use again. You will not regret it.