I enjoy the crude humor and candid tone of the Wednesday Hump just as much as any Gaucho. However, what strikes me most about this column is its sense of exclusivity. It’s about one thing and one thing only: heterosexuals. Heterosexual intercourse is literally only the half of sexuality. How can a column that prides itself on innovative sexual topics focus so largely on only one aspect of the trade? It is discouraging as a queer person to be continually overlooked, week after week, quarter after quarter. Granted, Elizabeth Brooks may or may not lack experience in this field, but there sure as hell are thousands of other Gauchos who could speak to homosexuality in the bedroom today. I don’t mean to degrade Brooks in any manner — she is very witty and comical in all of her publications. However, it would appear that the column has no acknowledgement or respect for homosexuality. The Nexus has never been one to ignore taboo topics. What are we so afraid of? People being “disgusted” by seeing gay sex in the Nexus? This type of bigotry and small-mindedness is hypocritical. Gay people read the vivid (yet still interesting) details of heterosexual eroticism … so why can’t the same depth be seen for homosexuals? The gay community has always struggled with visibility, and the heteronormative agenda of the Wednesday Hump continues to put us in the shadows of sexuality. I thank Brooks for all the insight she has endowed on readers each week, and I now challenge her to tackle a topic often overlooked: homosexuality. Again, it is a column I enjoy thumbing through each Wednesday, and my only wish is that it be more open to engaging a larger population of the student body.