The After Dark Club will host a free ice skating event tonight at the Channel Islands Ice Skating Center in Oxnard as part of its schedule of alcohol-free weekend activities — and wearing pajamas is encouraged.

Students will meet at the bus loop at 9 p.m. to travel in charter buses to the rink for Jammies on Ice and the club estimates there will be enough room for roughly 200 attendees. Students with the best outfits will receive prizes and although reservations are suggested in order to attend, they are not mandatory.

The club was previously managed by campus police officer John MacPherson and primarily lent funds to other clubs interested in the organization of activities not involving alcohol. However, last quarter MacPherson was joined by third-year literature major Jasmine Williamson, who began planning and funding events that would be held by the group directly.

Williamson said the event is a major step for the group as it marks the first time it carried out the organizing, advertising and funding of an event from start to finish.

“We just started having meetings last quarter. We spent our time getting people involved and planning. For this quarter, this is our very first event we’ve planned,” Williamson said. “It’s been a huge endeavor; we’re really excited about it. A lot of effort, a lot of money and a lot of time have gone into the event.”

The group has rented out the public rink for the event, which will be strictly limited to UCSB students. The club plans to hold several more events to make substance-free activities readily available to the student body, Williamson said.

“Since the rink is rented out for just the After Dark students, we’re going to be playing our own music at the event as well,” Williamson said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to have about two or three big events each quarter. The bigger we get, the more events we can plan.”

The club is striving to involve as many campus groups as possible, with Health and Wellness as well as the Ice Skating Club both participating in Jammies on Ice, according to Xiomara Valdizon, a second-year biology major and treasurer of substance abuse awareness group SAIRS.

“UCSB’s Ice Skating club is going to be there too, to give mini lessons to whoever cannot skate,” Valdizon said.

With a quarterly budget of about $5,000, After Dark is able to create social events that offer alternatives to drinking and using other substances, according to the club’s vice president Becca Jozsa, a third-year sociology major.

“Too many alcohol-related incidents had happened where students would get injured,” Jozsa said. “We’re not looking down on people who do party and drink alcohol; we’re just trying to provide an alternative for students.”

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