The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. is conducting an investigation into an arson attempt on the Isla Vista Foot Patrol Station late Tuesday night.

At around 7:45 p.m., an unidentified suspect dressed in black threw two Molotov cocktails toward the facility on the 6500 block of Trigo Road and immediately fled the scene. One fire bomb damaged the station’s “Operation Medicine Cabinet” drop box and caused minor damage to the building’s exterior, while the second device shattered an unoccupied patrol vehicle’s window.

According to SBCSD Public Information Officer Drew Sugars, investigators believe the suspect is unaffiliated with the local “Occupy” demonstration.

“There’s no evidence to suggest it was connected to the ‘Occupy’ movement — but we can’t rule it out,” Sugars said. “We have been dialoguing with occupiers since it started. They can go and protest and be there 24/7, they just can’t break the law or tent … but we’ve had good dialogue so far.”

Sugars said detectives are investigating the case and have yet to make an arrest.

“We are just thankful that no one was seriously injured,” Sugars said. “… we believe it was a lone individual who did this. We’re just trying to figure who it is and why.”

The sheriff’s department requests that anyone with information contact the sheriff’s office at (805) 681-4100 or its anonymous tip line at (805) 681-4171.