Following a somewhat high-speed chase through the streets of Isla Vista, I.V. Foot Patrol officers apprehended a suspect — dressed, painted and hair-sprayed entirely green — on suspicion of public intoxication and disorderly conduct shortly after midnight on Nov. 1.

After the jolly green reveler noticed that he had caught the attention of local authorities, he strolled into oncoming traffic in opposition to officers’ requests that he accompany them to the curb for a sobriety test and narrowly avoided being struck by a westbound vehicle. The emerald escapist then fled on foot up Del Playa Drive, promptly colliding with a stop sign on the corner of Camino Pescadero.

However, the Green Lantern never gives up without a fight and, in a superhuman feat of agility, remained upright and continued his flight with several deputies in pursuit.

Perhaps in the hope that his green face paint and hair coloring would serve as better camouflage off the street, the fleet-footed suspect sought refuge in a nearby residence on DP. As the cops followed him into the house, he made a ninja turtle-worthy leap over the back fence into another nearby residence.

Following the indignant cries of the Del Playa residents — none of whom wished to press trespassing charges — officers eventually apprehended the mischievous leprechaun inside a third DP residence.

Upon his arrest, the captured fugitive articulated that he wanted to provide deputies with a formal statement. However, after the suspect was transferred to the I.V. Foot Patrol station for processing, his remarks were found to be incoherent.