Residents at 6823 Del Playa Drive are hosting a screening of the new bodysurfing movie “Come Hell or High Water” tonight as part of the film’s world tour.

The free event marks the movie’s 10th premier and includes an outdoor screening at the residence at 8 p.m. followed by a performance from Santa Barbara-based band Sprout. The film — produced by Woodshed Films and surfing icon Keith Malloy — received first place awards at the New York Surf Film Festival for Best Cinematography and Best Feature.

According to event coordinator Will Howard, the movie captures the sport’s best athletes and surf locations, including Banzai Pipeline, The Wedge and Point Panic, to depict the connection and enjoyment surfers share from shredding in the water.

“The coolest thing about the movie is the way it is separated from the mainstream view of surfing,” Howard said. “It is all about reconnecting with the sea and that love people get in the ocean for.”

Howard said local surfing icons Dan and Chris Malloy — Keith Malloy’s brothers — might attend. The brothers have starred in acclaimed surf movies such as “Thicker than Water” and are renowned for their soulful surfing approaches and progressive barrel riding.

Tonight’s screening aims to direct attention to body surfing as a mainstream action sport, Howard said.

“Everybody is super excited about this — it is a one-of-a-kind thing,” Howard said. “Bodysurfing is an underground thing that not a lot of people know about. We are having this screening to put this sport on the map.”

Fourth-year German and Global & International Studies major Justin Rice said bodysurfing gives riders a more up-close and personal experience with the sea compared to other water sports.

“I have been surfing for years, but lately I find myself bodysurfing more and more because a lot of the waves around Santa Barbara are really good for it,” Rice said. “Surfing gets all the hype but when I am bodysurfing I really can feel the raw power of the ocean much more.”

The documentary, shot on 16-mm film, focuses on elements that separate bodysurfing from other outdoor activities, according to Howard.

“It is all about having fun, taking a deep breath and kicking your feet in the deep blue sea,” Howard said. “Hopefully we will be doing the same thing on Thursday.”

The tour, sponsored by Patagonia wetsuits and Nixon watches, will donate portions of its proceeds to the Plastic Pollution Coalition and the Keeping the Country Country coalition, created to protect the Hawaiian island of Oahu from large-scale development.