Several state and local public safety and transportation officials issued a press release last week urging drivers to prepare for the closure of a 10-mile segment of Interstate 405 between July 15 and 17.

The 53-hour shutdown includes northbound I-405 between Interstate 10 and U.S. Route 101 and southbound I-405 between U.S. 101 and the Getty Center Drive exits. Officials will begin closing freeway on-ramps to the affected area at 7 p.m. Friday and reopen by 6 a.m. Monday.

According to the press release, drivers can expect heavy traffic and extensive delays on freeways and streets in the Los Angeles County region. Additionally, the intended alternate route on Sepulveda Boulevard will likely experience congestion due to its inability to accommodate the resulting traffic.

The California Highway Patrol and Caltrans advise motorists to use alternate freeways and public transportation including the Metro Rail and Metrolink services to decrease traffic and arrive to their destinations on time.

-Staff Report