A swarm of bees engulfed the bike path near the Student Resource Building yesterday morning, disrupting students’ routes and causing at least one collision.

The incident occurred around 10 a.m. near the bike loop adjacent the building. The Community Service Organization diverted bike traffic to sidewalks until a bee handler removed the insects at 2:30 p.m.

CSO Officer Sean Kleckner, a fourth-year communication major, said the disturbance occurred after a hive was dislocated from a tree near Theater & Dance 1701.

“To my understanding, a branch fell from [the] tree,” Kleckner said. “That agitated the bees living in a beehive there, so there was a swarm of bees around the bike path.”

Kleckner said at least one student injured herself when she accidentally bicycled through the infested area.

“A female student rode into the swarm and got distressed and crashed her bike,” Kleckner said. “She went to the hospital, but I don’t think her injuries were too serious.”

Calls to the UC Police Department were not returned as of press time.


—Staff Report