Two UCSB students will operate a
skateboard business inside Sweet Jane
in Isla Vista next month.
Fourth-year business economics
major Sam Gerner and third-year
communication major Taylor Suiter are
scheduling to open Sweet Skates inside
the local clothing store by May 1. The
company will be the only local board
and accessory shop operating within
Isla Vista, due to the closure of Isla
Vista Surf Co. this month.
“[Until we open,] there is no good
place to buy a skateboard in Isla Vista,”
Gerner said.
According to Suiter, the
entrepreneurs decided to collaborate
with Sweet Jane’s owner after exploring
several location possibilities
“Sam has a really good relationship
with Stella, the owner of Sweet Jane,”
Suiter said. “Selling out of our garage
is kind of sketchy and renting out a full
space is kind of expensive, so we were
able to work out a deal with Stella that
is mutually beneficial.”
Gerner said the business will sell
affordably priced boards with several
models geared for students with limited
“I am a student myself and I do
not see the point of paying $200
for a skateboard,” Gerner said.
Suiter said the business is willing to
redesign its merchandise to better suit
consumer demands.
“We are … trying to do anything
and everything,” Suiter said. “We will
have the stuff for regular skateboards.
A lot of people like the size of a regular
skateboard and take that and get a riser
to put on long-board wheels. We also
want to have personalized long boards
and skateboards which will hopefully
have our logo.”
Suiter said the company will also
distribute common name-brand
“We will be selling brands like
Sector 9, Santa Cruz and ones like
that,” Suiter said.