An emerging campus program
known as “College Bound” is
proposing the establishment of a
new lock-in fee in the upcoming
Associated Students Spring
College Bound is an on-campus
organization designed to promote
the importance of higher education
among middle school and high
school students through programs
like tutoring. The new referendum
would require an undergraduate
contribution of $4 per quarter,
$2.80 of which will be distributed
to College Bound and $1 which
will be returned to financial aid,
while $.17 will be charged for
all non-capital expenditures and
$.03 will be attributed to the A.S.
recharge fee.
Allina Mojarro, a graduate
student in the Gevirtz Graduate
School of Education, said College
Bound would use the funds to
expand program availability,
focusing specifically on junior high
school students.
“I’m talking about communities
outside of I.V.,” Mojarro said. “We
are such a large university and
we could be doing a lot more; we
would continue to serve everyone
we serve now and more. With this
lock-in fee we would be able to hire
any qualified student on campus,
undergraduate or graduate.”
While the program is similar
to a previously established UCSB
project called “Upward Bound,”
Kathy Serrano, academic counselor
for Upward Bound, said College
Bound has a different focus than
any other program.
“The students who are currently
being served by Upward Bound will
not be served by College Bound,”
Serrano said. “It is a new program.”
College Bound volunteer Marisa
Looney, a second-year English
major, said financial help is vital to
the growth of the program.
“It’s really important to have
more people in the classroom,”
Looney said. “When I was younger
I had a mentor who was in college
and it was really important for me
to have her there.”
If approved, the lock-in fee
would go into effect Fall 2011
and provide primary funding for
College Bound for two years,
after which it would be up for
reaffirmation. Students can vote on
GOLD from April 18 to 21.