Dear Editor Begakis,
While it is true that students should stop being apathetic
about troubling issues they have the ability to change — but
seem to think they cannot change — there is a problem with
the rest of your column. It reads exactly like Glenn Beck
preaching the joys of accepting God and Jesus, except with
the words ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ substituted with ‘truth’ and ‘good.’
The idea that everything in the world will suddenly be fine
and dandy if everyone accepts this mysterious ‘truth’ that you
keep referring to is simply laughable, and more dangerously
naïve than the notion that all is lost. People who rely on faith
to guide their decisions and opinions will forever be lost in a
sea of ignorance, as they will never seek real evidence to support
the veracity of their beliefs. In order to attempt to solve
the world’s problems, we must seek knowledge of the situation
and act accordingly, instead of waiting for “truth” to show up
and magically fix everything. What’s more, this is the official
newspaper of a public university. Thinly veiled religious
preaching from the opinion editor — someone who is in a
position of some power — does not belong here, and I don’t
want my student fees paying for the Nexus if you are going to
use it for such a purpose.
P.S. Get some better liberal columnists. The ones you keep
running are wimps who can’t write worth shit. Or perhaps
that’s how you intended it.
P.P.S. I know you probably won’t run my letter in the Nexus,
but I’d just like to request that you keep your proselytizing out
of my — and the greater student body’s — efforts to pursue a
higher education. If I wanted to hear about how great faith is,
I’d go to synagogue.
Jo Downes is a fourth-year CCS biology major.