This spring, all of the Nexus’ student-approved lock-in money is up for reaffirmation — no increase, just the same wonderful three bucks and change that keeps us going today.

We ask that this April, you reaffirm our flat fee of $3.85 per quarter.

Two years ago, the Daily Nexus received 85 cents a quarter from its student-approved lock-in fee and stopped producing its Friday paper as a cost-cutting measure.

After two quarters without your Friday fix, we asked you to increase our funding from each student by $3.00 per quarter. You found reason to answer our request in 2009, which allowed us to bring back the Friday issue. Thanks to you, we stayed in print as an independent, informative student-run newspaper that publishes five days a week.

Contrary to popular misconception, the Daily Nexus does not receive fiscal support from the university, aside from free rent for our office underneath Storke Tower. Our advertising generates roughly 93 percent of total revenue, while the remainder is supplemented by the student lock-in fee. For less than a dime a day out of your pocket, the Nexus provides you with full coverage of the latest and most pressing topics in news, sports, opinion, science and artsweek, supplemented with photography and mature works of art, like the sex position of the week. Which is basically porn. You’re welcome.

All silliness aside, we love what we do and we love offering it up for your consideration, whatever it may be. For more than 80 years, the Nexus has developed a reputation for being serious about news without being too serious. We employ nearly 100 students and interact with almost every campus organization to reflect what you love, hate and everything in between among our pages. We print the news, but your feedback determines what you consider newsworthy.

Your continued support of less than the price of a burrito per quarter will keep you up-to-date about campus issues, crime in your community, how much the Regents want to charge you this year and how to manage I.V.’s ridiculous ménage à trois of sex, booze and education.

Besides, without your vote you’d have to kiss your Friday Nexus goodbye — and who wants to try to make it through Friday class without a Sudoku to keep you conscious?