The Associated Students Legislative Council spent the final meeting of the quarter discussing two Finance Board allocations.

The council debated over modifying the Finance Board’s allocations to Chabad at UCSB and the UCSB Tennis Club. The council ultimately denied both student organizations additional funding, citing support for Finance Board’s autonomy.

Chabad member Ben Reuven said his group met with Finance Board on Feb. 14 and was only granted partial funding for its event. The group returned to the board the following week to seek an additional $300, unaware that the meeting had been cancelled in honor of President’s Day. When representatives from Chabad attended this week’s meeting, the board informed them that their request could not be met because the event had already occurred that weekend.

“Money was funded for everything except the facilities,” Reuven said. “There was a lot of miscom- munication about meetings and, because we were not able to meet with them before our event, they are now saying the funding will have to be retroactive, which they cannot fund without the one-time exception. We do not wish to use our one-time exception because we are planning an event for next quarter.”

Finance Board member Chloe Stryker, an elected representative at large, said the board follows the A.S. Legal Code in all its actions.

“Finance Board has interpreted so far this year that it is when we fund a group the money — not when they request the funds — that makes it retroactive funding,” Stryker said. “It is our bad for not telling them we didn’t have a meeting the following week, but it is also their bad for not following up with us on it.”

Despite Finance Board’s miscommunication, rep- resentative-at-large Miles Freeman said he wouldn’t support the new allotment.

“I’m conflicted on this. I get that it is Finance Board’s fault for not reminding them there wasn’t a meeting, but I think this is blatantly retroactive alloca- tions,” Freeman said. “And with the state of Finance Board’s unallocated funds, I think this needs to be voted down.”

The council also denied financing the Tennis Club’s trip to the 2011 National Championships in Cary, N.C.

The club was allocated $1,600 by Finance Board on Monday from the sports team’s fund. However, Yeni Nguyen, off-campus representative and Finance Board member, said the board could not finance the remaining $1,400 the club sought because its sports funding has been exhausted for the year.

“Financial policy states that no more than five per- cent — [$30,000 for this year] — can go toward sports teams,” Nguyen said. “We’ve already reached that this year and I hope everyone can respect that.”

Stryker said other groups’ requests for subsidizing trips to Nationals were also denied this week.

“I would like to point out that a really nice guy came in on Monday who made it to Nationals in wrestling — the only one from UCSB — to request $3,000 for his trip,” Stryker said. “Because he was the third request of the night, we funded him noth- ing.”

Additionally, Jason Lopez, off-campus representative, said the council should not treat the Tennis Club to a one-time exception.

“Spring is coming up and we haven’t even taken into account that there are sports in the Spring that we don’t know if they’ll make it to Nationals yet and we won’t be able to allocate them money because it is first come, first serve,” Lopez said. “At least four or five other sports are going to be coming in and it’s going to be a huge mess. I do feel bad for the guys, but we didn’t fund the other groups anything.”