The Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to vandalism, an assault and several alcohol-related crimes this weekend.

Deputies found a male damaging a police car directly outside the IVFP station early Friday morning. According to IVFP Lieutenant Ray Vuillemainroy, the suspect attempted to hide a broken transmitter after he was discovered.

“Deputies went outside the station to answer another call when they found a male suspect tampering with a police vehicle,” Vuillemainroy said. “They walked over and confronted him while he crouched by the vehicle and saw him throw something under it that turned out to be the car’s antenna.”

Vuillemainroy said the individual admitted to tampering with the car and was arrested.

“It could have been something serious if they did not find out, because a deputy could have gotten into a pursuit and been unable to call for backup,” Vuillemainroy said.

The IVFP also responded to an assault on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive early Sunday evening. According to Vuillemainroy, a male brandished a weapon when residents attempted to remove him from a party.

“Inside the residence, a male suspect was upsetting guests with improper behavior [toward] females,” Vuillemainroy said. “They asked him to leave and he refused, so they tried to escort him out but he drew a knife and threatened to take everyone on in a fight.”

Vuillemainroy said the suspect managed to assault someone before being restrained.

“A fight ensued and the suspect hit a male victim so hard that he knocked him out,” Vuillemainroy said. “A group of people was able to hold the suspect down until deputies could arrive and arrest him. Both the victim and suspect were taken to the hospital.”

Officers also handled several alcohol-related crimes throughout the weekend, citing four people for minors in possession and arresting two for public intoxication.