Life is but a dream. This phrase we hear sung in a nursery rhyme as children has more meaning than I suspect the average six-year-old is able to comprehend. Since the days of Isaac Newton, the academic elite of planet Earth have propagated the idea that our world is a purely physical one, and that, if all relevant factors are known, then any outcome can be predicted. As smart as Newton was, this notion is utter bullshit. Beyond death and taxes, there is only one constant in this universe in which we reside, and it is chaos.

[media-credit name=”Andrea Napoli/ Daily Nexus” align=”alignnone” width=”250″][/media-credit]You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. There may have been a time when people needed experts to tell them how the world works, but that day is long past. You and I were equipped at birth with everything we need to understand the world around us. We have five physical senses and at least one that is non-physical by nature. Intuition tells us more truth than any Ph.D. from MIT, but still we doubt our own inner senses in favor of the smart-sounding words of another person. The weatherman on television can’t tell us what will happen next week, yet experts suppose we can predict the weather a century from now. Nobody knows what the weather will be like in 2111, and if a person says they do then that person is a liar.

Last week I mentioned the ability of psychedelic drugs to dissolve false paradigms. More absurd than the idea of political correctness, or even politics in general, is the idea of a purely physical universe. We as a people have been forced to accept this idea of a boring universe because traditionally only boring people have attained enough education to speak about the nature of reality. That tradition has ended. Fun people, with the help of the Internet search engine, are now becoming equally educated as the same boring motherfucker locked in an ivory tower musing about things he will never actually see with his own eyes.

Most people in America are now aware of a concept called the law of attraction. One film, “The Secret,” has effectively imparted this idea to the Oprah-watching demographic. A second, “What the #$*! Do We Know?!” has done the same with another demographic that probably doesn’t watch Oprah. The basic idea is: like attracts like. A person who thinks all day about changing reality for the better and moving forward in life will eventually manifest those thoughts in reality. A person who worries constantly that life is going to get worse will eventually manifest a life of miserable poverty. What we think about, we become.

Psychedelic drugs will teach a person about the law of attraction and the nature of reality far more than having 12 cups of coffee with each of the speakers featured in “The Secret.” What seems like a fantastical notion to the die-hard skeptic is actually a fundamental tenet of quantum physics. When electrons scatter from a radioactive substance, they will normally follow basic laws of probability when graphed on film, except for when someone is watching the results. As soon as an observer is present to witness the electron scattering, laws of probability disappear — the presence of the observer determines the course of the radiated electrons. The craziest part about this effect is that it will happen even if the observer witnesses the effect after it has already occurred. Time means nothing; life is but a dream.

A basic lesson to draw from such an observation is that the universe is only governed by random chance if nobody else is willing to govern it. As soon as a man can see, he can govern the universe. Beyond the choice of the observer, there is only one principle that organizes our chaotic universe, and it is beauty.

What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? What’s the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen? I’d wager a dub that your answer to the first is something created by nature, and your answer to the second is something created by man. This signifies that nature is organized by beauty, and that humans have deviated from their natural course.

Keep on rowing the boat, because physical reality definitely exists. But don’t presuppose that the world of the physical is all that reality has to offer; there are many streams and many shores to explore for the adventuring observer. If you believe that chance is the ultimate organizer, then you will manifest a boring reality and always will be frustrated. If you believe that reality is self-determined, and that the oars are yours to paddle, then you will manifest a life of spectacular glory. You will find that life is but a dream, and that crazy dreams are more real than the physical “laws” of reality. You will always have fun, because you are fun. If you’re fun, let’s blaze. If not, sorry chump: nobody likes a whiner.