The Living Room club met last night to establish a new venue for various musical performances throughout the year.

The previous incarnation of the Living Room, an all-ages drug and alcohol-free venue, closed in 2003. The club held its second meeting last night to begin the process of renting a new location in Goleta.

According to Living Room club member and event organizer Allan Viscarra, the group will provide a safe, community-oriented environment.

“The heart of the mission of this organization is to provide a safe and positive drug and alcohol-free space for people of all ages, especially in a community where that seems to be lacking,” Viscarra said. “There are very few [other venues] that are drug and alcohol-free in the Santa Barbara area.”

The members discussed the future organizational and administrative structure of the venue including incorporating volunteers of all ages during the production of shows.
According to Living Room club member Josh Parkhurst, the organization will provide youth an opportunity to work with others in their neighborhood.

“That is how it used to be, you were taught in school and then you went out and served your community,” Parkhurst said. “It is important for kids to have a place like that, to have an identity in the community as a symbol of an open forum for fun and creativity.”

Living Room club member Rudolf Jung said the group teaches members an appreciation for music throughout their lives.

“I have always felt like music was for the kids,” Jung said. “Though I am an adult now, I feel like music is what keeps you a kid.”

According to Jung, the venue’s alcohol and drug-free environment allows attendees to focus on the enjoyment of the music.

“Bar culture sucks people in,” Jung said. “They often are not really there to see music. I am not going to tell people how to appreciate music, but if you cannot remember the band you saw, that is not what it is about.”

In addition to various musical performances, the Living Room will also provide a location for art shows and educational lectures.

Viscarra said the group will expand beyond their musical roots.

“[We ask] what are the needs of the greater community, not just the punk rock showgoers?” Viscarra said

The Living Room club tentatively scheduled its next meeting for March 8th. People seeking to get involved with the club can contact for more information and updates on meetings.