Getting bored in class? Not feeling stimulated bythe material? Take a look at the list of excitingclasses and organizations you can participate inwhile completing your studies.You may finally find yourself applying some ofyour newfound talents outside of the classroom …Courses:Sociology 152A –– Sociology of Human SexualityOne of the university’s most popular and longest-running series, Sociology 152 A-C teachesstudents how to express sexuality in a healthymanner. Consistently filling up Campbell Hall,this series — taught by husband and wife duoJohn and Janice Baldwin — educates about topicsranging from anatomy and sexual infections tosexual orientation, gender differences and love.To get in on the action, register for the class nextquarter MWF, 1-1:50 p.m.Education 191A — Sex and RelationshipsAlso available next quarter, the curriculumcovers lessons on the basics of birth control, sexuallytransmitted infections and physiology, as well aspublic speaking and communication. The classsize is kept small to encourage debate. This is apreparatory course for students considering applyingfor a Sex and Relationships internship position.Feminist Studies 150 — Sex, Love and RomanceOn Tuesday and Thursday next quarter, studentswill penetrate the historical and contemporarycontext of sex, love, desire and intimate relationshipsin the United States.Film Studies 150PG — PornographyAlready wet with excitement? It only gets better.After you take advantage of everything theFilm & Media Studies Dept. has to offer and studyeverything from the Hollywood film industry toJapanese cinema, write a screenplay and shoot ashort film, why not give your mind and Mac a breakby taking Film & Media Studies 150PG?Trust us; the class is anything but PG. Thecourse’s hardcore dedication to pornographic filmallows students to take a long, hard look at pornographicfilm as an institution of American culture.Professor Constance Penley, the course’s instructor,has made national headlines for her dedication toresearch of the societal implications of XXX films.This Monday and Wednesday class will be offerednext quarter.Feminist Studies 151AC — Sexual CultureOffered this quarter, students will discuss thepolitical, social and cultural dynamics of sexualityin modern society.Anthropology 153S — The Evolution of HumanSexualityThis course explores genetic adaptation toenhance the finer things in life: sexual feeling,thought and action. With an emphasis on tensionbetween the sexes, the class takes a critical lookat sexual arousal, attractiveness, jealousy andcompetition.French 50AX-BX-CXTaught in English, this course is the perfectcuddle break with the Tales of Love series. Whetherreferring to the Bible’s Song of Songs or to Erosin modern theory, this class will bring out yourinner lover with a historical and cultural analysisof literature on love and desire. The fact that thecourse satisfies the Area E and European traditionsrequirements is just icing on the cake.Campus Organizations:Kink University: A Fetish FellowshipFor those looking to bring their love of S&Mout of the bedroom, KUFF provides all genderorientations a supportive space to explore fetishactivities. Social bonding activities include seminarsand demonstrations to promote safety and education.Sex & Relationship InternsPart of the UCSB Peer Health Educationprogram, the interns seek to provide the communitywith an informed basis for making healthy lifestylechoices regarding relationships and sexual health.Sex InfoA campus group devoted toproviding accurate informationabout sex,, provides informative andpersonalized updates onlineabout sexuality and sexualhealth.Students Stopping Rape and MenAgainst RapeThese student groups focus oneliminating sexual and domestic violencethrough education and discussion aboutsexual assault, dating violence and stalking.