Dear Nexus,

Because of big cultural shifts in sexual attitudes, I’m guessing you don’t get many responses to your graphic sex column on Wednesdays. But cultural trends don’t necessarily correspond with careful thinking.

Here is a succinct but careful thought relative to your blowjob page from Feb. 2.

You can do it, but you can’t spell it: The fellatio bit and the Wednesday sex pieces are too narrow-minded for college-level people. A broader, more mature mindset would understand that everything — especially sex — has a misuse and a best use. These Opinion pieces bow to what is unrefined in us. Vulgarity is that which makes common something which is good, and any open-minded person can see that this Nexus feature is vulgar. It feels great to be able to do whatever you want, but that is not the same thing as freedom. Freedom is the power to make the right or best choices. The sexual philosophy contained in the Wednesday Hump is the opposite of freedom.
If your worldview is that we humans are nothing more than chunks of molecules, then any behavior is fine. Whatever you do doesn’t matter. Have at it. But a more careful perspective will reveal that we are much more than simple molecules. That’s for the next discussion.

There is something better! Seek and ye shall find.