The Associated Students Finance Board distributed $50,407 to 20 student organizations during last night’s five-and-a-half-hour-long meeting.

The board fully funded the Muslim Students Association, Sports and Entertainment Collective, Students Teaching Alcohol and other drug Responsibility, Theta Nu Kappa, Sigma Gamma Rho and Sex and Relationships Interns. Santa Barbara Hillel, Women’s Club Water Polo at UCSB, Women’s Ensemble Theater Company and Swing and Ballroom Dance Club were among the student groups that received partial funding.

Los Curanderos requested funding to host an outreach program for high school students from underrepresented communities. Co-chair Pedro Alvarez, a fourth-year biopsychology major, said the students will attend various medical and science-themed workshops.

“What we are trying to do is outreach to minorities from underprivileged communities and bring them over here and show them that it’s possible to achieve higher education,” Alvarez said. “We’re making them go to different workshops. The workshops consist of emergency medicine, OBGYN, nursing and pharmacy.”

However, board members debated at length about what fund to use for allocation purposes. The council considered spending money from the Student Initiative Outreach Program fund and replacing the dent with finances from Spring Quarter’s unallocated budget.

Finance Board member Ahmed Naguib said the money transfer would be ill-advised, as SIOP funds support outreach programs and unallocated funds finance events specifically catered to UCSB students.

“While we can move money into this account, I don’t think it’s a wise thing to do because we budgeted this money to outreach and the rest is supposed to go to UCSB students,” Naguib said. “I personally don’t feel comfortable moving large amounts of money into SIOP.”

The board ultimately allotted $4,609 to Los Curanderos from the SIOP fund.

Additionally, Students Teaching Alcohol and other drug Responsibility received full funding to organize a campaign during the week prior to Spring Break. The event will encourage UCSB students to remain safe by distributing kits containing lip balm, sunscreen, stress balls and other items.

STAR event chair Nina Garrovillo, a fourth-year psychology major, said the event’s budget might seem excessive, but is necessary to guarantee sustainable practices.

“We also have a nonlocal budget that would mean more supplies for less money,” Garrovillo said. “But we’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that the products are sweatshop-free.”

The group eventually received $1,844.

As of press time, the Daily Nexus could not confirm the dollar amount remaining in the board’s unallocated winter budget.