President Barack Obama recently held a YouTube conference in which American citizens could ask questions about the topics they feel are important to the country. Of the top 100 questions, a whopping 99 were either in reference to the failed war on drugs or the legalization of marijuana. Despite the overwhelming emphasis that Americans placed on the destructive consequences of the war on drugs, our president took time out of his busy day to tell us what he’s getting his wife for Valentine’s Day and who he thinks will win the Super Bowl.

[media-credit id=20135 align=”alignleft” width=”247″][/media-credit]Okay, George W. Bush was (or played the part of) an incredibly stupid man, but at least when he tried to make a point we could all listen and laugh at the utterly moronic words and phrases falling out of his face. I did not expect to have to put up with that shit from Obama. This man made his debut into national politics at the Democratic National Convention with one of the most eloquent and persuasive speeches I’ve been alive to hear. Now he’s babbling worse than Bush, and this time, it isn’t funny at all.

It wasn’t just Obama’s fault that the marijuana and drug policy questions were removed from the list. YouTube probably had a hand in fucking it up too — it is their website, after all. Nonetheless, Obama has unequivocally betrayed the stoners who put him in office thinking that he would represent them.

As a presidential candidate, Obama declared that he inhaled marijuana smoke to incite a laugh at the insincerity of former President Bill Clinton’s answer to the question of whether he’s ever been high. Now we have a president who admitted he’s been high but still finds it appropriate to laugh at questions regarding the benefits a legal marijuana industry would have on the national economy. In no way is that a stupid question, Mr. President, especially considering the dismal economic results of every single bailout and stimulus package dispensed thus far. If I had a trillion dollars to spend, every American would feel the benefit of my lavish consumption, yet the best I’ve seen so far from the stimulus is the fixing of some roads that weren’t that bad to begin with. When the fake money dries up, what the fuck are those construction workers going to do, anyway?

It is beyond my comprehension to understand how the president of what should be the country of the most intelligent citizens in the world can get on YouTube and tell the electorate that drugs should be kept illegal because of interest in public health. When asked this time about marijuana, Obama replied, “I am not in favor of legalization. I am a strong believer that we have to think more about drugs as a public health problem.”

After Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001, all public health indicators improved. Marijuana, which would certainly be the first drug to be decriminalized, has no toxicity whatsoever. So, all in all, the president’s words are complete nonsense. When one of the most eloquent speakers in America takes several seconds to enunciate a vague point about Mexican drug cartels, you know he’s full of shit. I pity the fool who still thinks a vote for the Democratic ticket in 2008 would be a departure from Wall Street cronyism. By all accounts, Mr. Obama has taken the soft tyranny of Mr. Bush and made it permanent.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent was fired last week for saying in a casual conversation that legalizing and regulating drugs would help stop cartel violence along the southern border with Mexico. A single comment founded in good logic and good faith has brought the hammer of “justice” down on a federal employee. This is the stink of fascism, and it’s creeping faster than ever.

Utah police recently shot and killed a man while raiding his parents’ home in search of drugs. One of the officers, seeing that the man was holding a golf club, fired three shots into the man’s chest without demanding that he put down the club. The officer (who was probably wearing body armor) thought that the golf club was a sword. This isn’t Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, pigs. These are people’s lives. The kicker to this story is that these uniformed gangsters couldn’t even remember to bring the warrant to the house that they would soon turn into a gruesome murder scene.

The only real purpose for having a government is protection. Do you feel protected by your government? Do you really feel safe around a police officer? Before you vote again, consider these questions.