Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. deputies shot a homeless man next to the Camino Real Marketplace on Saturday after he opened fire on several people with a pellet gun.

Three deputies arrived on the scene around one p.m. after receiving reports that an aggravated male had a firearm in the marketplace. Two deputies were hit by rounds from the suspect’s high-powered pellet gun before they shot him several times in the intersection between Storke Road and Hollister Ave. The man, later identified as Charles Peart Quinn, 42, was taken to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital on Saturday and is reported to be in stable condition as of press time.

The pellet fire struck one officer in the face and one in the forearm.

According to the Sheriff’s Dept. press release, Quinn also hit two civilians with shots from his pellet gun prior to his confrontation with law enforcement. One of the victims was treated on the scene and the other was taken to the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

The two deputies hit with pellet rounds were admitted and released from the hospital as well and all three are currently under administrative leave in compliance with the policy following an officer-involved shooting. Detectives are continuing their investigation on the incident.

—Staff Report