“An epic of epic epicness.” That’s the surreally accurate tagline for this great comic book adventure. I really don’t need to explain more than that, but I’m going to anyway — so here it goes. For one thing, who knew Michael Cera could kick so much ass? And who knew that movies could be this crazy awesome? It has everything: great comic timing, high-flying fight scenes, Mary-Elizabeth Winstead and even a great meditation on relationships and accepting the responsibility of adulthood.

What’s great about the film is how it manages to corral a wide array of tonal shifts — from slapstick humor, to over the top wire-fu, to straight up drama. Not only that, but the film overall has a unique look and feel, complimented by the use of state of the art special effects to create things like demon hipster chicks, a giant music monster battle and a badass fire-sword fight. If that seems odd, it is. But it’s also super cool. And, most importantly, the film manages to maintain its frantic pace while at the same time explaining the backstories and relationships of a myriad of different characters, without feeling like they short-changed or rushed them in any way.

That takes a masterful hand, of which the director Edgar Wright — famous for the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost films “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” has. The film itself is about a 21-year-old slacker named Scott Pilgrim who must battle his new girlfriend’s evil ex-boyfriends. That seems like a terrible plot, but the humor, action and pathos all make for a truly unique experience that I guarantee you haven’t experienced before. I really lesbians this movie.