The Associated Students Finance Board allocated $10,691 during last night’s roughly hour-long meeting.

Lambda Chi Alpha was required to return $5,000 to the board this week after police halted the fraternity’s “Electric Playground” event the board had funded them to host. The unallocated budget for Fall Quarter now has $12,268 remaining.

Black Student Union’s request for $7,182 to attend the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference at UCLA in February was partially funded by the board. BSU representative Christine Ikekwere said the money would cover registration, hotel rooms and gas to transport up to 80 members and allies to the conference.

However, A.S. Finance Board Chair Josue Aparicio said he had concerns about fully funding a group that already charges $27 in club dues for full or partial membership.

“Let’s say we fund you the full amount — would you still need the dues?” Aparicio said. “It seems like if they’re still going to pay you and we’re going to fully fund you, you’d have extra money.”

Additionally, board member Edward Muña said the event ran the risk of excluding students who weren’t members of the BSU.

“Would you be open to changing this so that people that aren’t part of BSU would be able to attend the event?” Muña said. “I feel like it’s not as open as it could be.”

Ikekwere, on the other hand, said the event’s restrictions are meant to ensure that issues of focus at the conference would be personally relevant to attendees.

“We want people that are invested in the black community to go,” Ikekwere said. “We just want people that will bring the issues and the things that they learned from the conference back to the university.”

The board allocated $4,902 for the event, refusing to fund registration costs and $1,020 that will be covered by members’ dues.

The board also funded a number of other groups, distributing $890 to Brothas from Otha Mothas for an upcoming concert and $3,705 for five performances of “Rent” the Musical, by Shrunken Head Productions. The latter event intends to attract allies to the LGBT community.

Furthermore, the board funded $442 to Hermanos Unidos, $287 for the Red Cross Dodgeball Tournament, $165 to the Santa Barbara Investment Association, $150 to the Global Medical Brigades and $150 to the West African Student Union.