A memorial scholarship is being planned to commemorate the life of Lucas Ransom, the third-year chemical engineering student who died in a shark attack last month.

Ransom’s mother, Candace Ransom, proposed the scholarship to the Office of Development last week. The fund is still in the early stages of development, but is planned to benefit students in the chemical sciences.

Lucas Ransom

Chris Pizzinat, deputy director at the Office of Development, said the Ransom family intends to aid students with similar interests as Lucas.

“Lucas Ransom was a chemical engineering major, although apparently he was in the process of changing it to chemistry,” Pizzinat said. “His mom felt that since this was his passion area, she would like the scholarship to potentially benefit students in both of those departments.”

Furthermore, Director of Development for Financial Aid & Scholarships Michael Miller said the grant will also contribute to students in need.

“Lucas’ mom … knew that Lucas would want to help students who were in his same situation,” Miller said. “He was struggling to figure out how to pay for school and he was lucky enough to receive some grants and scholarships to assist him.”

Pizzinat said donations are already being accepted and gifts starting at $25 can be contributed online.

“We put together an online giving page so people can access it directly through the UCSB Web site,” Pizzinat said.