I just want to start off by saying, “I am an American. So, fuck me!” I live in a country where the news I watch on television is all about ratings and not the stories involved with them. News is a form of entertainment? Fuck me. I live in a country where the media and people I meet every day tell me that “global warming” is a fact, not a theory. Fuck me. I live in a country that promotes and preaches democracy, but doesn’t follow or live by it. Fuck me.

I live in a country where, from the moment I was conceived, corporations were already trying to market to me as a consumer, to the point where they can control my soul. Fuck me. I live in a country that will pay out Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid until we run out of money and have to print more, at which point we plunge into hyperinflation and a second Great Depression because our government is too pussy to change it. Fuck me. I live in a country where you have to be a Democrat or a Republican, meaning you’re on one side of the argument or the other, because all other political parties are bullshit and everyone knows it — love you, Ralph Nader. Fuck me.

I live in a country that promotes a free market global economy, is the only fucking country in the world that follows it and fucks our economy more. Fuck me. I live in a country that spends more money on its military every year than half of the world does. Fuck me. I live in a country that builds more interest on its national debt every year than the country makes that same year. Fuck me. And guess what, the older generation, the ones in power that have fucked my own generation more times than I can count, is mad that my generation isn’t upset and picketing and fighting for our rights.

I get told by people all the time: “Your generation should stand up for yourselves and fight; make a difference in this country.” Well here’s what I have to say to you, older generation: “Fuck you.” How fucking dare you put the blame on my generation for any of this fucking shit. Baby Boomers and Generation X, you are the ones that fucked up. Not us. My generation isn’t even old enough to run for president and is barely old enough to run for Senate. You’ve done all this shit and now you point the finger at us and say I should be mad about what’s happening and that I should make a stand. Well fuck you.

I will end on a spoiler. SPOILER ALERT!! Our lives, as we know it now, with a shitty economy and no jobs, are not going to get better any time soon. In fact, I’d like to bet that it’s going to get way worse. Everyone with grandparents over 80, ask them what the Great Depression was like and if they enjoyed it, because that’s where we are heading. God fucking bless America: land of the free, home of the fucked.