UCSB students who need additional guidance when selecting classes can now use MyEdu’s free services during registration.

MyEdu.com — formerly known as Pick-A-Prof.com — provides multiple resources for students choosing professors, organizing class schedules and purchasing textbooks. The website includes official grade records, such as the average GPA and drop rate for students under a specific instructor, in addition to professor ratings and degree planning tools.

The website was founded by Michael Crosno, Chris Chilek and John Cunningham in 2008 and works directly with UCSB to gather information about classes, majors and professors.

According to Chilek, the site is the largest education information engine in the United States.

“MyEdu was created to help students maximize their performance in college and is the only free resource that works directly with universities in order to provide access to official university information,” Chilek said. “Our goal is to give students the information they need to make educated decisions about planning and managing college. You could think of MyEdu as the Google of college information.”

Marshall said upwards of 1,000 students sign up for MyEdu everyday. He also said MyEdu applications have cut some students’ college costs by 20 percent.

“It helps students plan out their course schedules for the entire four years here at UCSB, so they can manage their workload and make sure they are only taking the classes they need toward their major,” Marshall said.

UCSB’s MyEdu representative Kelly Marshall, a second-year dance and communication major, said the schedule planner can help students graduate within four years.

“MyEdu improves student graduation rates, reduces the time to complete a degree and saves families a significant amount of money in the process,” Marshall said. “The main goal of MyEdu is to help students save money and graduate on time.”

The site also includes a new schedule feature, which automatically creates timetables based on each student’s preferences for professors and times of day to attend class.

Public relations director Kathryn Walker said the feature also integrates with Facebook, allowing members to check the courses their friends are taking.

“If you log in through Facebook you can see what classes your friends are taking and register for them together,” Walker said. “We know class with friends is always more fun, but it can also improve your grades.”